About us


Born from the fusion of Technological Artisans, a US company
managed by NY laserist John Loughlin and associate Ali Mazura

and Ikkonix Software, a french software engineering company
managed by Theo Dari (Laserman visuals and LAARIS Interactive games),

Excalibur Laser System has been created to offer laserists real creative and open solutions as alternatives to captive and proprietary software and hardware.


John Loughlin (USA)
Managing Director & Sales manager

Theo Dari (France)
Associate Lead Developer & product manager

Michael Muhler (USA)
Training design, test consultant

Grant Kondourajian (USA)
Laser & Live consultant, test consultant

Will Kent (USA)
Light and Laser consultant, test consultant

Oscar Chacaltana (USA)
Developer – Image to vectors conversion and prototyping

Claudio Cordara (Italy)
Developer – Frameworks specialist, CAD, graphics and plugins

Dominique Yolin (France)
Developer, software architect, design consultant

Laurent Chansard (France)
Developer – threaded software architect, drivers and software production

Nicolas Boutin (France)
Developer – Qt expert – software design

Amir Hammoutene (France)
Developer – Qt expert, future apps, prototyping and research

Maeva Allix (France)
Graphic Designer